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About Us

We're a dazzling duo who specialise in fighting design crime. We love working closely with clients as we help them reach new levels.

Our Tenets

We Design, We Build, We Kick Ass

We know both how to make your site convert well and look beautiful, but also how to implement. We also help businesses with branding and identity projects.

We Give Back

We organise HybridConf, a well revered two-day conference for designers, developers, and everyone in between. After an amazing four years we're currently on hold.

We Work Anywhere and Everywhere

We are always seeking out new backdrops and inspiration for our work. Superheroes has been run from Wales, Sweden, and Ireland to name just a few places throughout our many years.

Who We Are


Laura is in charge of UX, most front-end development, and project management. She started in the web industry five years ago, and joined Superheroes in 2014. Her favourite things include bullet journalling, puppies, coloured pens, and literally anything that has dinosaurs. She is awesome at puzzles. She wishes she was better at not killing plants.


Zach takes care of design, branding, and business strategy. He started teaching himself web design and programming 17 years ago, and hasn't looked back since. In his spare time he is either playing video games, or making video games. He is an expert at naming things, recognising obscure actors, and coming up with awesome sandwich filling combinations.

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